6 Nov 2009

East Berlin under the GDR

This looks really good. Maybe it'll make it's way over here, not and just Germany.

5 Nov 2009

Tokyo bicycle parking tower

I know it's not new, but just look at the way it takes the bike away from you in the blink of an eye!

2012 Olympics pictograms

These appear to be a great solution to what must be an extremely difficult brief. I can't wait to see them about town. The event posters that use the pictograms are definitely something I'd like to own. See the whole story here.

2 Nov 2009

Expo 67 Cards


These are great, I don't know what they are but I reckon they were about looking into the future or something. They look quite professional I feel.

Click the photo for more.

27 Oct 2009

Great cycle lanes

Check some great ones out here.

14 Oct 2009

Design Council image archive goes online!

A selection of Marianne Straub's textile designs, used on British Railways in the 1960s

The Design Council's slide collection has been launched online as a database featuring 4,000 images of British design from the 1940s to the 1990s.

The Design Council – the national strategic body for UK design established in 1944 – owns thousands of images of a vast array of products (tableware, furniture, lighting etc), engineering components and machinery, as well photography that relates to architectural projects, interior design, graphics and corporate identity.

The Design Council slide collection can be viewed at vads.ac.uk/collections/DCSC.html, while all of the VADS collections are housed at vads.ac.uk.



I like reading this blog and I think you might too, they seem to live somewhere nicer than here.

11 Oct 2009

Non-Format: IBM

Taken from via. Excellent.

10 Oct 2009


Picture 1
I thought I'd share this website, it's new to me, and has some good free music too.

5 Oct 2009

Another photograph